My Coaching

My Golf coaching specialises in coaching golfers or beginners of all abilities. I’m a positive person that likes to keep things simple and I will help you focus on developing your skills in ways you’ll enjoy to learn and improve. I use simple methods, language, and explanations that make sense so you can learn or make improvements with the new things you need to improve. I use video, visual aids and simple drills so it’s easy to understand and you get the feeling of what you’re learning to improve.

From playing golf and being a Professional for a long time I’ve some to the conclusion there is 3  types of golfers.

1. The person thats taken the first step to learn, Golf history has made it daunting (but you’ll soon find out I make it comfortable and fun). You’ll be welcome at Ravenmeadow and i’ll lend you everything you need to discover the many great things about Golf that I’m sure you’ll love soon after starting Golf too.

2. Some are happy at their level, meeting friends and feeling ok about playing, these golfers tend to contact me when a specific type of shot has gone wrong or they are continuously making the same fault, they’d like a fix! I have no problem working with what you’ve got to offer you the solutions so you can be the best you can be.

3. Then there’s the Golfers that practice and work towards improving, they have a goal to get better and don’t like to sit still. Although they play their regular game you’ll see them practicing a few times a week too. I enjoy working with Golfers (or Beginners can get the bug and be just like this from the start too) who have a plan, have goals and have regular coaching so I can help them achieve these goals.

I’ll help you to reach your goals, you could be 1, 2 or 3 or a combination of a few. We all like to play Golf and feel confident so i’ll make sure you do!

Learn Golf & Enjoy the Experience

My enthusiasm and easy-going approach helps to create a relaxed environment for golfers & beginners to enjoy their journey. There are no strict routines or rules, I work with everyone in the way they will enjoy and understand what they need to do to enjoy playing golf – You’re learning Golf to enjoy the experience!!